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"My mom and I went to the 2006 9Health Fair at Aims Community College in Greeley, CO. I hadn't been feeling well so my sister-in-law urged me to go.We went on a Sunday, and that Tuesday I got a call from a nurse who informed me that my thyroid level was less than .01 and that I needed to contact my doctor. I did so right away and had further tests run. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroid and through additional tests, learned that I was suffering from Graves’s disease. Had I not gone to the 9Health Fair, I believe I still would have been seeking help. I am feeling so much better and on the way to recovery. Thank you 9Health Fair staff and volunteers!!!"

Terri Thomas, Loveland CO
9Health Fair participant

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"My husband and I attended the 9Health Fair in April of 2004 at the Susan M Duncan YMCA in Arvada. We had gone through most of the stations and were on our way out when we saw the line for skin screenings. It was shorter than usual so we decided to stop and get checked. Thank GOD we did. I was checked by the doctor who noticed a dark freckle on my left arm and a spot on my face; she recommended that both areas be checked by my doctor. I had the freckle on my arm removed and sent off to the lab. It was melanoma! It was .3mm deep so it was caught early. I will have to manage this for the rest of my life but now that I am educated, it will help me through any future incidents. While my doctor had a watch on this freckle, it was the 9Healthfair that recommended further inspection and treatment and may have saved my life. I will always be thankful to the 9Health Fair.”

Cindy G.
9Health Fair participant since 2004

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January 2015
Happy New Year!

A Perfect Time to Turn Your Vice into a Virtue


Happy New Year! What a perfect time to reflect back on a great year and to look ahead at what can even be better. New Year's resolutions are motivating and we often make them to get rid of or modify our vices.

We all have one, or two... or three vices, but the key is how do we balance them out and create moderation? Turning a vice into a virtue starts with being willing to admit our vice and then looking for a solution to make some modifications. The good news is that indulging now and then isn't going to make or break your health.

9Health Fair employees share some of their vices and what they do to create some moderation:

  • "I worry too much, but when I catch myself, I try relaxation techniques like meditation and yoga."
  • "I know that if I eat a spoonful of cookie butter from Trader Joe's, I will need to do a few extra reps at the gym."
  • "I love a glass of red wine with dinner, but then I always make sure to drink a big glass of water before bed."
  • "I love to watch television, but when I feel like I am doing too much of it, I turn it off and get outside to enjoy some fresh air."

What is your vice? Think in terms of goals instead of resolutions. And if we think along the lines of virtues instead of vices, we will make 2015 a prosperous year.

The Pareto Principle is something to keep in mind when it comes to your 2015 health goals. If you haven't heard of this before, it's the 80/20 theory - where 80 percent of our results are derived from just 20 percent of our actions. So when it comes to health, 20 percent of our behaviors most likely will lead to 80 percent of our healthy outcomes.

For example, if you pick a small list of health actions to focus on and you do them well, you may have better results than trying to add too much. By focusing on a clean diet, exercise, getting plenty of sleep and keeping your stress  level low, you may have better results than making that list longer.

Here is some great information on ways to make healthy changes for a terrific 2015:

Another perfect way to start off the New Year making a commitment to health is to mark your calendar for February 1st! That is the day our spring fair locations and dates will be announced! You can go to our Find-A-Fair page for a list and register online for the one that fits into your schedule. One more great opportunity to own your health in 2015!

Also, celebrate your health by volunteering this New Year! Volunteers really are healthier, happier people.

Local Resources:

How will you turn your vice into a positive lifestyle change? Share with us on Facebook!

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With the Spring Fairs coming up, it's a perfect time to give the Gift of Health!
The Gift of Health is a great way to show how much you care. This gift card is redeemable for a Blood Chemistry Screening - our most popular. You can purchase your Gift of Health here for just $35. In addition to the Blood Chemistry Screening, there are a number of other important health screenings to take advantage of at each 9Health Fair.  


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